How To Host A Fairy Garden Theme Birthday Party

Fairy Garden Making is a lot of fun for all ages. Hosting a fairy garden birthday party can be stressful if you are not ready for it. But it is very enjoyable if you are well prepared and organized before the scheduled event. Here are some of the things that you need to remember if you plan to do a fairy garden theme birthday party.

  1. Prepare your pots and plants. I usually plant the plants/ succulents ahead of time. I have a bunch ready for events like this.

  2. Prepare all your fairy garden accessories such as fairies, rocks, pebbles, signs, and other accessories. I usually make my own accessories to save some money for the accessories. I make some sun catchers out of clear beads. I also make some garden steak made of beads. I paint rocks or gems and use it as an additional accessory for the fairy garden.

  3. When you have all the plants and materials / accessories needed for the fairy garden making, put them all on a table and let them pick out which plant and accessories they would like to put in their fairy garden.

4.Make sure you tell them how to put these accessories in a fairy garden. Explain to them what these accessories for so they have an idea of what to do with each of them.

5. Best and easy way to do it is making a fairy garden sample and put it next to all your fairy garden accessories and stuff and show them how you made the fairy garden.

6. Give each of them a tray to put all of accessories needed to make the fairy garden. Since the pots are ready and you have an established real plant in it, the fairy garden making should be smooth, easy and fun.

7. Let them create their magical fairy garden and make sure you check around while they are creating the fairy garden. Ask question if you think they are not sure of what they are doing and help them out by suggesting what can be done.

8. Make sure to tell them how to take care of the plants in their fairy garden when they are done creating the garden.

Have fun and enjoy your fairy garden birthday party.

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