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Updated: Jan 2

Hi, I am Rovelyn M. Whisler, owner, designer and creator of Handmade with Love where we create and do things out of love.

I love meeting and visiting new people. I have 2 kids and have been married since July 2nd of 2005. I have been doing crafts for years. I am currently working as a preschool Teacher Assistant since 2015 at Webster Elementary School in Yankton School District, Yankton SD. I was a Licensed Public School Teacher in the Philippines since 2001 until I moved to the US in 2005. I love working with kids. I also love crafting, gardening, succulents, succulent arrangements, decorating, crocheting and a lot more.

My crafting hobby started when my first kid had a birthday party. She wanted to dress up as a Tinkerbell. Well, when money is tight and you want to give your kid the birthday dress they wish for, you will try your best to make it happen. That's when I discover myself that I can create something that I didn't know I can. I made my daughter a Tinkerbell costume. Then the next year she wanted to wear a tutu dress. That's when my crafting took off. After that I started to make hair bows. Then I just kept creating and tried different things such as home decors and other types of crafts. I also love gardening and doing some unique succulent arrangements and for myself, for others as gifts and to sell. So, combining all the things that I love to do such as talking to people, meeting new people, working with kids, crafting, gardening, succulent arrangements and other fun stuff I end up doing some crafting classes with kids and also doing some adult crafting nights. I love doing crafting classes with kids and adults. I also do fairy garden class during spring, summer and early fall and I am loving it. It's been a great thing doing what I love to do, and I love sharing it to the kids and to others. I would love to share it to you too. If you want to reach out to me, here's how:


Call 1-605-260-0313

Facebook Page: Rovelyn M. Whisler

Instagram: rovelyn78

TikTok: Rovelyn M. Whisler


Rovelyn M. Whisler

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