It really means a lot when someone sends or gives you a card made with lots of love. It's more meaningful to the recipients and even more attractive than store bought cards. They are unique, one of a kind and not mass produced. Handmade cards are sure to win over someone and melt their heart. Grandparents, parents, and other family members and even friends are always proud when they received handmade cards or any handmade gifts. These cards are treasure to be kept forever. What better way to show someone really cares about you than to show off your beautiful handmade cards on your mantle, buffet, or bookcase along with your array of treasures, collectibles and decors. Every handmade card is a work of art. Handmade cards are more personal and extra special when you handwrite something in the card and when you decorate the card the way the recipient would like it. When sending or giving handmade cards, you're telling the recipient you care because you took time to make it. There are benefits to giving hand crafted cards, you are making someone happy which makes you happy and you are proud of it, and you enjoy doing it, you love doing it and you had fun while you did it. These feelings are beneficial to our wellbeing. Handmade cards bring a lot of joy to the maker, to the giver, and to the receiver. Now let's make Handmade Valentines Cards for the coming Valentine's Day for the people that we care.

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